Who We Work With


Life Science & Healthcare Companies

We work with pharmaceutical, biotech and other life sciences and healthcare clients to help them manage all stakeholders in the development process. NorthStream Global Partners translates stakeholder analysis from value perception into meaningful data-driven outcomes to deliver on satisfying the needs of all stakeholders.

Please contact us for specific references, but here are a few general comments from our clients.

"NorthStream helped guide us towards setting achievable and attainable objectives. They provided the strategic input, therapeutic insight and logistical bandwidth to achieve our programs success factors."

–Vice President, Medical Director

Patient Advocacy Groups

NorthStream Global Partners helps advocacy groups enhance patient education and engagement efforts  to accelerate the progress of finding therapies and drugs to improve the lives of people.

“We were extremely satisfied with the support provided by NorthStream Global Partners in our efforts to increase patient engagement so that we can accelerate progress toward advances in therapeutic development. We were very much impressed by NorthStream’s professional skills and technical savvy that now allows us to speak to our patients much more directly."

–Chief Scientific Officer

Clinical Research Organizations & Service Providers

NorthStream Global Partners works with CROs to achieve greater patient interest and response for current trials.  Partnering with NorthStream helps the CRO improve patient response and recruit volunteers for important clinical trials.

“NorthStream Global Partners provided the guidance and program support that helped us increase patient engagement in two recent rare disease clinical trials. With the guidance and support of NorthStream’s senior team, we’re now more effective in our role of recruiting patients for these important rare disease trials."

–Chief Medical Officer

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NSGP Insights covers the disruptive forces in today's healthcare and life sciences industries - from technology to patient engagement to the people and organizations that are making a difference.
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There are myriad definitions of 'patient engagement' in today's healthcare environment. But how important is a single definition, and what does it mean to today's Health IT providers?