Clinical Trial Solutions

We accelerate patient and physician engagement in clinical research

Patient enrollment numbers and retention are critical to the success of clinical research.

Our clients often require a deeper understanding of patient populations, their attitudes and behavioral drivers, as it is becoming increasingly challenging to effectively target and enroll patients in research studies. 

Engagement strategies to support clinical research recruitment and referral

NSGP offers a holistic approach with a range of services and tools for clinical research sponsors, diagnostics and clinical trial service providers to develop uniquely patient-centric approaches to patient recruitment:

  • strategies to identify and partner with patient advocacy, non-government organizations and other key stakeholders in the patient ecosystem to target the right patients at the right time and optimize enrollment;
  • pre-study health psychology research into patient beliefs and motivations;
  • strategies to effectively target enrollment barriers;
  • mobile apps and digital media solutions purpose-built for clinical trial physician referral
  • ongoing personalized, multi-channel patient communication throughout the trial to nurture commitment and compliance to the trial. 

Patient-centric approach to clinical trial design 

NSGP's behavioral psychology and program design expertise enables clinical trial protocols to be better geared to meeting trial recruitment objectives, including:

  • accelerating enrollment;
  • increasing retention; and
  • reducing overall trial costs.

  • NSGP has developed a number of proprietary services and tools in the following areas:

    • Point-of-Care patient recruitment
    • Behavior change communications (traditional and online)
    • Screening 
    • Referral process
    • Point of care physician and patient education
    • Advocacy Group partnering
    • Tracking and reporting
    • Retention programs
    • Surveys
    • MobileforStudy™ for physician referral
    • Digital marketing (SEM, SEO and Email)

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