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What are Patient Engagement Platforms? Patient Engagement Platforms (including patient reported outcomes) help our clients develop market access programs.  Our platform, called PEP, is comprised of business partnering, web, mobile, social and predictive analytic solutions designed to meet the unique needs of patients, caregivers and health-care providers. Maximizing an organization’s existing IT investments, PEP solutions improve patient access to participatory research, health information and provide convenient, self-service tools that improve satisfaction, activation and health outcomes. With PEP, life scence companies and health care organizations, clinicians and other health-care providers can better predict the needs of their patient population, uncover new sources of revenue, empower patients and families as participants in the research process and managing their own health-care, lower health-care costs, and provide a superior online health-care experience that results in lasting health-related loyalty.




Are You a Clinical Trial Recruitment Provider? No. We work with trial sponsors, agencies, and CROs to optimize understanding of patients as well as help them engage key stakeholders in the patient ecosystem, like advocacy and other non-government organizations. In addition, we provide proprietary tools, such as digital media and mobile solutions, to help our clients accelerate recruitment efforts.



What are the kinds of health communications and behavior change interventions available? Advertising, patient outreach and education informed by behavioral psychology that helps understand the motivations of the patient which informs our effective messaging to generate the desired response.



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Do you have full case studies to share? Some of our White papers and Case Studies are made available on our Insights blog. We also encourage you to Contact Us directly as we aren't able to provide all of them via our website.







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There are myriad definitions of 'patient engagement' in today's healthcare environment. But how important is a single definition, and what does it mean to today's Health IT providers?